Learn about the groundbreaking new three-course
Customer-Centricity Curriculum at Wharton Executive Education.

As the world leaders in helping companies achieve the advantages of true Customer-Centricity, Larry and Geoff have created an exciting new series of two-day courses available through Wharton Executive Education.

  • CC1. Customer Profitability Management: The New Foundation of Competitive Advantage
    The journey to true Customer-Centricity begins with a clear understanding of the current and potential profitability of the company’s customers. Most companies have no understanding or a seriously flawed and misleading understanding of this. When done correctly, the analysis is enormously powerful. This course explains how to do it and make it pay.
  • CC2. True Customer-Centric Innovation: Learning Process for Continual Evergreening of a Company’s Competitive Differentiation
    Most companies try to achieve innovation through product or service R&D. The returns are generally poor. They should focus instead on customer R&D. When pursued rigorously, Customer-Centric innovation produces standout returns that competitors have a terribly hard time matching. This course shows how the champions do it.
  • CC3. Creating Superior Share Price Performance Through Customer-Centricity
    Every company today, whether public or private, is under unprecedented pressure to increase its value. Generating consistent, profitable, organic, double-digit revenue growth is extraordinarily difficult, but truly Customer-Centric companies do so, even against powerful, larger competitors. This course explains how.

These courses can be attended by any number of employees. Companies often achieve the greatest value by sending a team representing a range of corporate responsibilities. Team members begin to work out immediately how they can make Customer-Centricity happen at their company.

For full descriptions of each course, including concepts covered, benefits to be gained, and enrollment information, please email info@ccangels.com.