Making Customer-Centricity pay at your company, step by step

Because true Customer-Centricity is such a powerful new way to manage a business, adopting it often works best with personal guidance from an expert.

Larry Selden is the world's preeminent consultant helping companies with Customer-Centricity. (Geoff, because of his position with Fortune Magazine, doesn't participate in consulting.) Larry can help your company with the entire journey toward true Customer-Centricity. For 25 years he has helped a wide range of companies around the world, including many of the world's best known firms, transform themselves in ways that yield outstanding competitive advantage and shareowner value.

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Speaking Engagements
They can personally help you understand Customer-Centricity and get your team fired up.

Both Larry and Geoff are highly accomplished speakers in continual demand.

An effective way to begin the journey toward Customer-Centricity is to invite one or both of them to present at your company or industry event. Or, if you've already begun the journey, Larry and Geoff can help your team get really excited about it, showing just how powerfully Customer-Centricity will benefit them.

Being customer-centric themselves, Larry and Geoff are committed to meeting your needs. That means their presentations can last an hour, a half-day, a full day, or more, and can be in the form of a talk, a seminar, or other formats. They can help you figure out the best approach for your situation.

Companies have found a number of approaches to be effective. Sometimes it's a session with the top team, sometimes a gathering of front-line associates. A particularly innovative and powerful format is a meeting bringing together your people with your customers to learn about true Customer-Centricity.

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