– the remarkable book that started it all

Few business books have shaken up managerial thinking as fundamentally as Larry and Geoff’s book, Angel Customers and Demon Customers. In explaining a powerful new way to produce exceptional financial performance by thrilling customers, it is helping companies of every kind build huge advantages, leaving competitors wondering what hit them. Read the First Chapter!

Now in its second printing, Angel Customers and Demon Customers has achieved a devoted and fast-growing following at companies in a wide range of industries. Typically, managers order copies for all members of their team.

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What others say:

“This work is vital to every company that has customers and aspires to a premium P/E. We have 50 million customers, and it is critical for us.”
-Brand Anderson, CEO, Best Buy

“If there is one book that explains how we are reinventing our business around the customer, this is it.”
-Jim Rager, former vice chairman, Royal Bank of Canada

“This book is a must read. It outlines many of the key principles and concepts that drove our creation of Dell. In addition, it offers a number of critical new insights on how to link the customer and the shareowner.”
-Tom Meredith, former CFO, Dell

“Selden and Colvin, two world-class experts, provide a breakthrough formula for how customers can drive a company’s stock. The book is chock-full of well-researched concepts and practical steps for helping business leaders truly put their customers on center stage to turbocharge their stock. A practical and inspiring book.”
-Noel Tichy, professor, University of Michigan Business School, coauthor of The Cycle of Leadership

“Manages that rare mix of being both surprising and eminently reasonable.”
-Publisher’s Weekly


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