Professor of Finance and Economics (Emeritus)
Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

Senior Fellow, Management
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Founder & Managing Director
Selden & Associates
721 Fifth Ave., Suite 64D
New York , NY 10022

Full Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia University. Recipient of numerous National Science Foundation Grants. Visiting scholar at numerous universities such as The Wharton School, the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics, Universite Catholique, Belgium, and the University of California, Berkeley. Former foreign exchange trader.

Has been Consultant/Advisor to more than two hundred companies in North America, Europe, Asia and South America, such as BBC, BellSouth, Best Buy, Citibank, Fluor Corporation, Fortis, General Electric, GE Capital, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, Mercedes-Benz, New York Times, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Dutch Shell and Thomson Corporation. Has been advisor to Her Majesty’s Treasury in the United Kingdom. His consulting work with clients has been cited as Best Practices in both Fortune and Fast Magazines. Was selected as “Smartest Management Guru of the Year 2004” by Business 2.0. Recent client work on Customer Centricity was featured in a page one lead article in the Wall Street Journal (most widely read WSJ piece of 2004), Time Magazine, other publications and analysts’ reports.

Has been a lecturer and conference leader in innumerable Executive Programs sponsored by Columbia University, other institutions and corporations. Consistently rated as the outstanding speaker in conferences and workshops. Frequent presenter to Investment Professionals on Investment Management Techniques and Business Strategy. Panelist and presenter for Fortune’s Global CEO Forums – including a presentation shown on closed circuit TV to 88,000 viewers worldwide. Rated by Business Week as one of the top ten academic advisors to leading corporations. Personal advisor/coach to senior executives of numerous corporations in North America, Europe and Asia. Has led or participated in Business (Board) Reviews for more than 150 businesses in 30 countries. Frequent advisor on CEO presentations to buy-side and sell-side investors and Chairman’s Letters in company Annual Reports.

Has conducted research in the areas of portfolio management, financial planning, and business strategy, which have been published in leading academic journals. Frequent contributor to Fortune and Business 2.0. Co-authored widely acclaimed book in 2003, Angel Customers and Demon Customers, which has been excerpted in Fortune, Harvard Business Review and the American Banker. Appeared on Wall $treet Week, the most widely watched business television show and on the financial news show CNNfn. Has taught Strategy, Finance and Marketing at Columbia University Graduate School of Business. His Customer Centricity TM research focuses on creating shareowner value by measuring and managing companies as portfolios of customers. Specializes in estimating Customer Profitability, creating Customer Segments and designing competitively dominant Value Propositions. This new perspective gives startling insights into how companies should operate, be organized, communicate to investors and approach acquisitions to dramatically improve the odds of success.

Selden & Associates has been advising the senior most management of companies on share price focused business performance improvement for more than 15 years in North and South America, Europe and Asia. It has experience in insurance, retail banking, investment banking, retailing, telecommunications, media, oil and gas, chemicals, information technology, autos, aerospace, non-for-profit and governmental bodies and agencies. The primary focus has been to help companies identify the critical levers in creating sustained share price improvement and then helping them implement practical hands-on improvement programs. Selden & Associates has on numerous occasions worked with the senior management of companies over 3-5 years time periods to create fundamental and sustaining change.